Story: This map is set inside the sewer system of a major city. The terrorists have decided to plan out an attack to disrupt the city's water system. However, the Counter-Terrorist force has intercepted the attack. How will it turn out?

Summary: This is a 3v3 defusal mode map for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I used hammer to create the map, all assets are part of the hammer engine.ย 

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Process Work


When first coming up with the idea of a 3v3 defusal mode map for CS:GO, I thought about how easy it could be for the defending team to only defend one site. Currently, in CS:GO there are 5v5 and 2v2 defusal modes, in the classic 5v5 there are 2 sites, but they are usually quite separated and in 2v2 there's only 1 site. To make the attacking and defending sides relatively equal I decided to go with 2 sites, but they are very close to each other making it easy for the defending team to move over to the other side. With an idea and theory in mind, I started to make some quick concepts in fig and with pen and paper.ย 


I started a LDD to keep track of my refrences and of my ideas of this level. On the right here are some of the reference images that will guide the creation of my level.


For the first version of my map I wanted to just recreate the concept I made in Figma as closely as possible just to see how it translated into game. At this point, the theme of the level has not made it into the shape of geometry. Trough playtest sessions I found that the general idea of the site layouts is interesting, but the rest of the level lacks in complexity and didn't promote strategy.

Greyboxing v2

The second greybox featured more paths for the attacking team, more cover near and on the sites, and a much stronger theming. This version of the map is so much more strategic and the depth of gameplay is greatly increased. With more lanes of play, the attackers are able to mix up their attacks to keep the game more interesting.ย 

Though the map's strategy has increased, they are still some angles and spots that are too strong and were too central to the map's strategies. The complexity has also increased, but through playtests and feedback, it seems the defenders and attackers are still lacking in options to play the map.